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Who Provides Boiler Repairs in Pueblo West?


Boilers use hot water and a series of pipes to heat up your home or office. Any Hour Heating & Cooling LLC wants to make sure your home or office stays comfortable by offering boiler maintenance and repairs. Improper attention could lead to freezing or cracking of your boiler system. Call (719) 242-4592 today to schedule the boiler services you want in the Pueblo, CO area.

3 signs you require boiler repairs

If your home or office isn’t being heated as you’d expect, call Any Hour Heating & Cooling, LLC to talk to us about potential repairs or replacement services. There are numerous signs to indicate that boiler service is necessary, including:

  1. Hearing unusual sounds
  2. Noticing water puddles or leaks
  3. Smelling strange odors

Our professionally trained technicians have experience with troubleshooting to locate the source of your problem. Contact us to get an estimate on your boiler repairs or replacement.

Expert Boiler Installation and Repair Services

With the upcoming change of season, many consumers are thinking about the type of units they want to install in their homes or workspaces for heat. There are a few choices within the current market. One popular choice is a boiler heating system. A boiler is one of the oldest and most frequently used method for heating homes and commercial spaces. A boiler uses hot water which it converts into steam and forces into radiators which radiate heat into designated rooms. Each radiator can be controlled with the attached dial-knob usually found at its bottom.

Any Hour Heating & Cooling, LLC is well-equipped to install or repair boilers of any make or model, ranging from antique systems to modern-day, high-efficiency units. We have the skills and know-how to handle any situation, both large and small. If you are considering installing a boiler in your home or commercial space, here are some unique advantages to having a boiler heat your space:

Benefits of Boilers

1. Energy Efficient

The boiler does not use much electricity and usually goes hand-in-hand with your water bill. A boiler system can be hooked up to a local water supply or well system.

2. Comfortable

The steam heat that the boiler produces creates an evenly distributed pleasant heat that is felt throughout the home. Unlike conventional heaters which force drafty air through ventilators, steam heat is much more consistent and noticeably less drying. If you ever notice that you get very dry sinuses during the winter months, this could be due to the dry heat that is being forced through the ventilators in your home or place of work using a conventional heater. A boiler uses moisture to heat the room, alleviating this problem. Simply put, the humidity level in the home is much higher when using a boiler system, whereas a dry-air furnace system will produce very low humidity in the space. Lastly, it is a very quiet method of heating the home, as it does not involve fans, air ducts, pilots and blowers.

3. Long-Lasting

With proper care and maintenance, a boiler can last years without needing much repair. At Any Hour Heating & Cooling, LLC, we are able to effectively inspect a pre-existing boiler to determine if it needs any maintenance in order to avoid any unexpected emergencies.

4. High-Quality Air

The air produced from the steam is of higher quality and more comfortable for humans to breathe in. The air produced by a boiler has less allergens due to the fact that air is not being blown throughout the home.

To find out more about boilers, or to have one of our friendly HVAC specialists inspect your pre-existing heating device, call us today. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and set you up with your personal HVAC specialist to help you determine which heating unit is right for your lifestyle, needs and budget.

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